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"Evangelion Evolution" Revoltech mini-series spotted


These are brand-new remolds of all of the Evangelion mecha as seen in the 2009 feature film, "Evangelion: 2.0- You Can (Not) Advance".  The new line is called "Evangelion Evolution", or "EVA EVO" for short.

For Units-00 through -05, each features most of the accessories from previous releases, but in these sets each includes a specialized section of the Angel they fight in the movie!  (For Unit-03, because it is the 9th Angel, it instead has a piece representing Unit-01 being pinned against the valley wall.)  The biggest notable change appears to be a new hip joint system for Units -00 through -03, which allows the knees and inner thighs to touch each other for the first time.  Additionally, Unit-05 now has updated coloring and accessories to reflect screen-accuracy compared to the orignal 2009 Revoltech release.  Multiple hands (and, in the case of Unit-02, utility wings) and power umbilical cables are also provided with each, except for Unit-05 and the Mark.06.


Evangelion Unit-01 Test Type Model

The 4th Angel's core has a built-in red LED that can be turned on-and-off.

All of the neon-green paint on Unit-01 can glow in the dark after you've shined a light on it for a little bit.

Two heads are provided- one where Unit-01 is roaring, and the other showing blood spraying out the front and back of the head.


Evangelion Unit-02 Production Model

A unique transparent base is provided that Unit-02 can be attached to.  When the peg on the side is turned, the attached EVA will spin through the air as if dodging the spears coming from the 7th Angel!  (Each of the four spears also attach to the base on their own individual Revoltech joints.)  A clear standard two-jointed Revoltech display stand is also provided.

The separated core of the 7th Angel can be pegged onto the foot of Unit-02, appearing just like it does in the movie!  Also, a different core for the 8th Angel is provided, and you can recreate the moment where Unit-02 drives its Progressive Knife into the core with its knee!

Evangelion Unit-00 Prototype Model

A Large N2 Missile is provided, which can peg into a specialized set of hands.  Both bandaged and non-bandaged arms and right thigh are provided.

An in-scale head-and-chest bust of the 10th Angel is provided which can peg onto the nose of the Large N2 Missile, either with or without  the extra clear-blue AT Field piece!  Ground-effect pieces can also be pegged into the feet of Unit-00.

Evangelion Unit-03 Production Model / 9th Angel

The utility wings can be replaced with the Angel's extra pair of arms!  A pair of 'blood-spattering' hands are provided for Unit-01 if you want to display this figure with the other separately-sold set!

(I do not know if it can be converted back to a clean/non-infected version of Unit-03 by replacing the head with a non-roaring version.  I'm not certain if the Entry Plug can be replaced with its non-infected version, but I would guess not since the design of the figure would require swapping out the entire upper torso to do so.  Likewise, I do not see any indication that a gutted/ripped-open 9th Angel torso is provided that can be swapped-out.  Also, I do not think a Dummy Plug-controlled head for Unit-01 is priovided, even though the non-poseable bust provided with this set does have the red eyes, but no arms.  All of these I cannot answer at this time because we need more pictures provided first.)

Evangelion Unit-05 Provisional Model

A new version of Unit-05's spear arm has been made, with a detachable hit-effect piece near the hilt.

A clear three-segment Revoltech stand is provided which can help suspend either the head of the 3rd Angel, or Unit-05 itself, for dramatic poses!

(The site says more information will become available when it is released September 15, 2011.  Beause of this, the only other accessory I can think of that might be provided is the non-spear version of the right forearm, and maybe a separated 3rd Angel core that can be pegged between Unit-05's clawed hands.)

Evangelion Mark.06 (pronounced as "Mark Six")

(No information is provided about accessories or any other features.  However, a clear Revoltech stand can be spotted in some of the pictures here.  Indeed, the page clearly states that the prototype for the figure is in flux because of changes being made for the film itself, so what you see in the pictures here may change.  The Mark.06 will be released "summer 2011".)

(There is no indication that a Revoltech version of EVA Unit-08 will be produced before the release of "Evangelion: 3.0- Quickening".)

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Posted 21 April, 2011 - 18:21 by EVA_Unit_4A


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Pretty Cool

Although I'm no fan of the Eva mechs on either side or the conflict, these are actually pretty cool diorama "sets".

Mobe1969's picture
Posted by Mobe1969 on 24 April, 2011 - 17:06
I didn't like how fragile

I didn't like how fragile Revoltech are (which is why I largely avoided getting any EVAs, but got a few other robos), but these are starting to change my mind, and I feel like I need to collect 'em all now!

EVA_Unit_4A's picture
Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 24 April, 2011 - 18:14
These would be awesome, if it

These would be awesome, if it weren't for the fact that the Robot Damashii Eva's are pretty much perfect(expect for the whole most of them being limited) I'd gladly spend the $100+ to get RD Eva-00 and Eva-03 than get the revoltechs

00Geass's picture
Posted by 00Geass on 25 April, 2011 - 19:10
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