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FAQ: How to add your collection to CollectionDX

Adding your collection is free and easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up for an account and log-in to CollectionDX
  2. Click on the Collections link
  3. Once in the gallery, click on the "Your Album" link
    on the top right

  4. Click on "Add a photo"

  5. Click browse button to select an image from your computer

    Some tips about photos

    • Try to keep your images under 150 kb each
    • Images stored here cannot be linked to from other web sites except
      for certain sites such as:

      • ToyboxDX
      • Robot-Japan
    • Site admin has final word on appropriateness of images, and reserves
      the right to edit or delete photos as deemed necessary, for any reason.
      Adult content will be removed and user banned. Illegal content will be
      reported to the authorities
    • Make sure the images are yours - respect peoples property.
    • Right now there is no limit on how many photos you can upload, but
      please be reasonable and not upload hundreds of images.

  6. You can add captions to each image. This text will be displayed below the
    thumbnail of the image.

  7. You can add a small logo to the corner of your image. This helps deter
    image theft by showing where the image came from. This step is optional

  8. Once all your images are uploaded, you can view your album by going to
    the "Your Album" link at the top right of the

That's it! You are done. If you have any problems, dont hesitate to contact

There are some optional steps you can take from here to further customize
your collection.

  1. Under each thumbnail are additional options:
    • Delete Photo
    • Edit Permissions - Decide who can see your photo
    • Edit Photo - crop, rotate and resize your image
    • Make Highlight - make this thumbnail the one that represents your gallery
    • Move Photo - move this image to a different location
  2. On the left are general options for your gallery
    • Add Album - Add a sub-album to your album
    • Add Comment - Add a comment to any photo that allows it
    • Add Items - Upload photos
    • Delete Album
    • Edit Album - Edit the album name, thumbnail sizes, description and
    • Edit Captions - Edit the information for your images all at once
    • Edit Permissions
    • Make Highlight
    • Move Album

Posted 21 April, 2006 - 13:17 by JoshB
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